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Construction Manager

About the Role

Plan, purchase, direct and manager construction projects. Coordinate and develop project concepts and timelines in order to ensure implementation within deadlines and with minimal financial risk. Manage staff, assign duties, procure materials, oversee inventory invoices, coordinate field communications, measure productivity, and determine areas for improvement. Review, prepare and maintain project activity reports and financial activity reports associated with the projects. Create and develop project budget objectives based on the individual project's technical requirements and materials costs. Perform cost control and budget the project as necessary to ensure cost-effectiveness. Prepare, record, and follow up on bids for potential projects. perform other duties as necessary,


  • Bachelor's or foreign equivalent, in construction mang't, proj, mang't civil engineering or a related field.

  • 36 months construction management, civil engineering or related experience req.

  • Must be proficient in Excell and MS Office.

  • Good organizational skills.

  • Travel required within a 100-mile radius of the DC metro area at least twice a week to visit job sites.

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